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Friday, May 22, 2015

Source Promotions Capture Huge Results for SUBWAY Restaurants


In an effort to increase customer counts in the SUBWAY New York market, our sandwich masterminds got to work serving up delicious advertising campaigns for 2 of SUBWAY restaurants’ recent promotions—the “$6 ANY FOOTLONG” and “BUY 2 FOOTLONGS, GET 1 FREE AFTER 4PM” sandwich deals.

$6 ANY Banner-LoRes

The “$6 ANY” promotion, which featured the $6 price point for all FOOTLONG subs on the SUBWAY menu exclusively for the month of April, generated positive sales, traffic and profitability results. Our team created TV commercials and radio spots that ran in both English and Spanish, as well as in-store signage and geo-targeted digital ads that helped us spread the word across multiple touch-points.

053-SBNY-15_Window Cling-LoResAnd for a promo that was cooked up right from the minds of the sandwich lovers here at Source, the “BUY 2 FOOTLONGS, GET 1 FREE AFTER 4PM” deal worked to drive customers in store during the PM day-part. This time, we employed general market and traffic radio (both English and Spanish), in-store POP, and geo-targeted digital ads to communicate this campaign market-wide.  Restaurants in the New York market experienced an impressive increase in store visits, as well as a positive response from customers who felt they were getting a great deal for their money.

Like many of the Source-executed promotion plans, these showcase more than just a great deal. They display how our multi-layered, traffic-driving ideas use integrated marketing solutions to achieve success and continue to produce outstanding results for our clients.