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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Source President Larry Rothstein appears with Alix Steel on Bloomberg TV to lend some of his insight


With every college basketball junkie chained to his TV set during NCAA March Madness, it’s no wonder sports marketing execs have mastered the art of cashing in on sport’s most popular month.

But in today’s advertising world, where “watching” has expanded past television to the second screen and “connecting” isn’t thumbing through the latest Twitter feed, marketers are betting on more than just their brackets.

As an ad agency that specializes in sports marketing, Source has a unique point of view on achieving a positive ROI during game time. So to tip off tournament coverage this year, Bloomberg Television and Alix Steel of Bottom Line invited Source President Larry Rothstein to discuss current marketing tactics. During the program, Rothstein broke down typical NCAA ad price tags—$1 million for a 30 second spot—and the ad sectors that are willing to chalk up the dough. Rothstein also explained the rise of multi-screen marketing campaigns and the impact that the digital connection has on the tournament experience.  (Hint, hint: you’re not fooling anyone with that Boss Button).

Rothstein’s Bloomberg TV interview generated huge media buzz, building a following and generating retweets that continue to reinforce Source’s place as the go-to agency for sports sponsorships and seamless media integration. So maybe you didn’t fill out the perfect bracket this year, but with Source’s thought leadership, you can always make it to the Final Four.

Watch the full interview here:

Larry Interview still