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Integration down the line

Integration down the line

We create integrated programs that produce results through our holistic approach to advertising, backed by our years of experience, a lineup of special key players, and more contacts in our little black book than Derek Jeter has hits. So thankfully, when we need to create cross-platform activations like the one we did for our brand sponsorship with the World Baseball Classic, we deftly secure spokespeople like Bobby Valentine to call upon and get it done. Within only 8 weeks’ time, we harnessed the Brand USA vibe, gave it the American pastime twist and toured the “” message around the world to earn tens of millions of global impressions.
In total, Source maximized the impact and resulting value of this Brand USA/ partnership with World Baseball Classic via thoughtful and significant activation in the following areas:

  • Creative execution across each asset class, particularly experiential marketing and leveraging of in-stadium media to drive global consumer engagement and data capture
  • Impactful use of in-stadium signage both for on-site and on-air viewers/fans
  • Effective leveraging of hospitality and on-site real estate, including possible brand ambassador(s)
  • Development of opportunity for strong digital/social/mobile activation plans and execution
  • Optimal use of marketing assets with regards to dynamic creative, WBC tags for existing creative for use on television and in-stadium features

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