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You’ve seen the signs, now get the strategy

No matter who’s on first, what’s on deck, or where the game is, you’re still on the winning side with the one-of-a-kind impact offered by sports marketing. And unlike those $12 stadium “beverages,” Source gives you a business plan that’s worth every buck to take advantage of fans’ real time viewing and passion.

  1. Source gets it – and we execute by integrating from start to finish
  2. 30+ years’ worth of invaluable relationships and negotiating experience
    • – Partnerships with major professional leagues and coveted venues
  3. Comprehensive understanding of all possible assets and how to make them work together to maximize consumer engagement at any budget level
  4. Best-in-class sponsorship valuation, analytics related to ROI
  5. Return on Objectives and important brand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for brands like SUBWAY, Amtrak and Brand USA/ (this is crucial in supporting rationale for sponsorships and partnerships to government entities, franchisee groups and other key constituents)

Integration down the line

We create integrated programs that produce results through our holistic approach to advertising, backed by our years of experience, a lineup of special key players, and more contacts in our little black book than Derek Jeter has hits. So thankfully, when we need to create cross-platform activations like the one we did for our brand sponsorship with the World Baseball Classic, we deftly secure spokespeople like Bobby Valentine to call upon and get it done. Within only 8 weeks’ time, we harnessed the Brand USA vibe, gave it the American pastime twist and toured the “” message around the world to earn tens of millions of global impressions.
In total, Source maximized the impact and resulting value of this Brand USA/ partnership with World Baseball Classic via thoughtful and significant activation in the following areas:

  • Creative execution across each asset class, particularly experiential marketing and leveraging of in-stadium media to drive global consumer engagement and data capture
  • Impactful use of in-stadium signage both for on-site and on-air viewers/fans
  • Effective leveraging of hospitality and on-site real estate, including possible brand ambassador(s)
  • Development of opportunity for strong digital/social/mobile activation plans and execution
  • Optimal use of marketing assets with regards to dynamic creative, WBC tags for existing creative for use on television and in-stadium features

Sponsorship–it’s more than signs

Sports marketing sponsorships drive sales, “loyalize” customers, engage consumers, motivate employees, optimize exposure and ultimately maximize results for the brand.

Connecting clients to the most impactful sports and entertainment sponsorship assets requires smart thinking and some serious leverage. Our proven successes with major league teams, athletes and venues allow us to create highly successful, customized sponsorships. And with fresh, creative ideas constantly stepping up to our plate, we find the perfect mix of traditional and digital components to keep consumers and constituents engaged 365 days a year on-site, on-air, on-line and in-store.


Stadium signage is a win, which becomes a win-win when you work with Source. And while it is not everything you need, it undeniably gives you a good, long-distance run for your money—which we measure and analyze with much depth and insight.

When Daniel Murphy hit a controversial home run off the SUBWAY sandwich sign in Citi Field, the Mets swept their series and SUBWAY raked in thousands of Internet hits, national on-air mentions, and free PR for their $5 FOOTLONG subs. And when the 2013 All-Star Game was at Citi Field, Source marketplace leverage ensured tremendous bonus value accrued and measured for our clients SUBWAY and Wise Snacks, nationally and locally, for both the All-Star Game and a highlight-rich Home Run Derby.

With airtime like that, your brand gets more views over more hours from multiple audiences—and that’s beyond the kind of exposure that you would get for just the price of a 30-second commercial.

Past the field level, we’ve connected brands like Amtrak with its riders and sports fans alike to strategic, in-game experiences in Citi Field, the Prudential Center and the Verizon Center. After identifying the opportunity to cap the naming-right competition, we turned ordinary stadium hangouts into brand-bonding environments for fans and covered every detail from cocktail napkins to custom stirrers. So thanks to us, the Acela Club, a Source-conceived (though frequently copied) innovation in secondary naming rights, now holds some of the best seats in the house, and that’s only one example.

Outside the lines

Fans love stars, and brands love connecting with fans through them. Lucky enough, we happen to know a few good ones personally. For example, in 2010, the Wise Crunch Crew—featuring the New York Jets’ Darrelle Revis, Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, David Harris and Kris Jenkins—made crunching Wise chips a theme for fans with the “Snack Loud! Snack Proud!” message. We also tapped 2x Phillies MVP Ryan Howard for a campaign surrounding the Ryan Howard Power Meal, which swatted SUBWAY restaurants’ sales out of the park, and later created SUBWAY FRESHBUZZ around gridiron superstars like Reggie Bush and Chris Long earning our client even more tasty points.

And on behalf of Wise Snacks, we scored a Guinness World Record at Citi Field for the most chips crunched at once. The feat was supported by a mobile tour, effective use of multi-platform sponsorship assets, and laser-like demographic targeting which successfully helped Wise gain market share in New York, its largest market, against a formidable market leader (who shall remain nameless).

Source also enabled our client Amtrak to “sweep” the 2009 MLB World Series by dubbing it the Amtrak Series, scoring our client millions of online hits, the Amtrak name on every sportscaster’s cue cards, and headlines across the country including in The New York Times.

For your sports marketing needs from concept to execution, make a safe call and connect with Source today.
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