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Retail channel geniuses and B2C champs

Retail channel gurus and B2C champs

Since day one, we have helped some of the world’s biggest and most respected brands conquer the finicky consumer world with our transactional marketing approach, in which we reach both our clients’ channel partners and their customers. We do so by giving our clients evocative marketing materials to initiate the purchase, compelling web content to integrate it, then rolling out the POP “big guns” to really close the sale. Along the way, we turn dealers and sales people into brand advocates who pack a serious toolkit of sales materials and undeniable confidence.

For HP’s Retail Photo Services (RPS), our task was to encourage consumers to make fun and festive photo creations through HP’s printing services in major national retail locations. With a little strategy and a lot of that good creative stuff, Source came up with out-of-home print and online components to complement eye-catching floor displays and friendly announcements in-store—all aimed at driving awareness to HP’s unique photo services. The result? HP’s RPS stations in stores like Walmart and Meijer are now the go-to for moms everywhere, and the source of thousands of puppy and baby photos in homes across the country (you’re welcome).

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