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Dealer communications—from partners to consumers

Dealer communications—from partners to consumers

To effectively reach the consumer, you must motivate sell-in to and sell-through by those critical intermediaries and key influencers for sales success who represent your brand to them. Here’s where we’ve proven to be the key middleman in the industry and clients of ours like Sony can attest to it.

Faced with the unique challenge of connecting photography consumers with the name Sony, Source had the idea to create an exclusive quarterly publication geared right to the dealers – Sony Inside Edge (IE)–filled with noteworthy news, the latest product releases, current marketing efforts and useful selling tips. The extensive publication, and later the mobile app, successfully helped dealers to recommend the brand and score some serious Sony recognition points in the DI industry. Sony BE (Beyond Entertainment) wasn’t far behind, dealing consumer electronic news out to specialty stores nationwide, spreading the word on the latest and greatest in Sony home audio and video products, with a little entertainment news too.

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