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Retail channel gurus and B2C champs

Since day one, we have helped some of the world’s biggest and most respected brands conquer the finicky consumer world with our transactional marketing approach, in which we reach both our clients’ channel partners and their customers. We do so by giving our clients evocative marketing materials to initiate the purchase, compelling web content to integrate it, then rolling out the POP “big guns” to really close the sale. Along the way, we turn dealers and sales people into brand advocates who pack a serious toolkit of sales materials and undeniable confidence.

For HP’s Retail Photo Services (RPS), our task was to encourage consumers to make fun and festive photo creations through HP’s printing services in major national retail locations. With a little strategy and a lot of that good creative stuff, Source came up with out-of-home print and online components to complement eye-catching floor displays and friendly announcements in-store—all aimed at driving awareness to HP’s unique photo services. The result? HP’s RPS stations in stores like Walmart and Meijer are now the go-to for moms everywhere, and the source of thousands of puppy and baby photos in homes across the country (you’re welcome).

Franchise go-to-guys

Ask any of our SUBWAY franchisees how to build a famous FOOTLONG sandwich, and they’ll say, “start with the meat.” At Source, franchise marketing is pretty much our Black Forest Ham, and our remarkable success with brand building and sales-driven programs for our franchisees surely proves to be “one tasty sandwich.”

What we’ve done for SUBWAY, we can do for any client. It all amounts to recognizing and understanding their unique marketing needs—increase store traffic and check size, grow sales and make profit, and let the spending bucks make a bang for all they’re worth. With a generous helping of genius, we generate end-to-end solutions filled with shopper marketing that reach the consumer, brand messaging that surrounds them, and fully comprehensive sales goodies that drive transactions. Which is all where our integral role in franchise marketing stems from.


  • The Source Special
    Brand is your bread (and we make it the best): Brand strategy, brand positioning and brand advertising
  • The Works
    We’ve got it all: Digital and traditional media planning and buying, creative development, in-store merchandising and promotion
  • The All-American
    From coast to coast: Regional franchise-level advertising, sports marketing, events, and sales-driving limited-time-offer promotions
  • The New Yorker
    Home grown with love: Grassroots local store marketing support
  • The Extra Helping
    Whatever else you need: Franchise group operational support—from managing budgets to leading meetings to developing and executing marketing plans

Dealer communications—from partners to consumers

To effectively reach the consumer, you must motivate sell-in to and sell-through by those critical intermediaries and key influencers for sales success who represent your brand to them. Here’s where we’ve proven to be the key middleman in the industry and clients of ours like Sony can attest to it.

Faced with the unique challenge of connecting photography consumers with the name Sony, Source had the idea to create an exclusive quarterly publication geared right to the dealers – Sony Inside Edge (IE)–filled with noteworthy news, the latest product releases, current marketing efforts and useful selling tips. The extensive publication, and later the mobile app, successfully helped dealers to recommend the brand and score some serious Sony recognition points in the DI industry. Sony BE (Beyond Entertainment) wasn’t far behind, dealing consumer electronic news out to specialty stores nationwide, spreading the word on the latest and greatest in Sony home audio and video products, with a little entertainment news too.

Sales promotions—exciting the consumers on their turf

From headline-grabbing PR events to nationwide extravaganzas, these programs broadcast our clients’ messages to all those unexpected locations—simultaneously reinforcing existing connections and sparking opportunistic relationships with future consumers.

Our Wise Snacks client needed help with driving in-store small bag sales. Seemed simple enough. Source developed a promotion that essentially led to hundreds of dancers shaking it on camera in an all-out battle to win the title of New York City’s best dancer and lifelong bragging rights. We called it the Wise Big City Boogie, and it was nothing short of that. (Samba anyone?).