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Content creation and curation

Connecting with consumers is the key point of advertising. And, in order to continue a healthy brand/consumer relationship, it’s imperative to constantly be creating content, integrating it across multiple platforms, and curating existing content to keep the consumer engaged with the company’s trends. We understand that today’s consumers demand the latest information as fast as they can hit refresh, so we’ve made it our business to use digital and mobile’s full potential for reaching the consumer’s psyche and delivering a brand experience they just can’t help but share. So it comes down to reaching target consumers in their own little 1024 x 768 pixel worlds being the most strategic way for a brand to foster a relationship with them.

Driving traffic and measuring It

Not to brag, but we use a FOOTLONG to measure ours. Just ask our SUBWAY clients, for whom we’ve gotten consumers to click, share and ultimately unwrap those tasty sandwiches. And because we anticipate consumers’ behaviors, we work within responsive designs to continually serve up multi-screen solutions for our clients. By doing so, we reach the audience on every nifty little device out there, and make each handcrafted message fit right where it belongs. And while the digital space changes just as fast as the lunch hour does, we realize it’s not just about click-throughs and unique visitors; it’s about testing and tracking engagement, understanding behavior, and changing the recipe to make it even more shareable the next time around.

Our social strategy

Our clients have a lot to say, and we’re here to help spread the word to make sure they get the most likes, views, pins, pings and shares (and some OOH-LA-LAS too.) So whether that calls for some inspiring Facebook content generation, a hand-selected tweet fleet, or our hashtag #SOCIALMEDIATASKFORCE, we’ve got our clients’ A-2-Z covered. But more than just being social-mediators, we at Source carefully strategize social campaigns to fit the unique needs of a client, because let’s face it—what works for baseball fans and Buffalo wing lovers isn’t exactly what financial advisors and accountants want to see in their Twitter feed. Knowing the right platform for integration without losing the fun factor is what sets apart LOLs from real ROIs in the social space.

The art of storytelling

Once upon a time, Source started out as two young men with ambitious dreams. But let’s fast-forward to the newest chapter, where we’ve mastered the art of storytelling, being social, creating content and integrating it all together into a neat, wrapped-up little package we call strategy. Because we at Source understand that you’re really only as good as your content, and being content creators, we understand the strategies behind how to apply relevant content into the right digital space to tell a story that’s utterly fairytalesque. The End.